BIG NEWS! Bishnu Ghosh Intermediate Class!
Posted on: Mar 03

March Madness is here & Bikram Yoga Pensacola has gone "Mad with Yoga!"  We have some VERY exciting news for you! First, we would like to thank you for your participation in our BYP survey. We have had a wonderful response and what we found out is that YOU want additional classes in the morning hours!
You asked for it Bikram Yoga Pensacola! We are happy to announce that in addition to our successful YIN YOGA class, we are adding a 60 minute Ghosh Intermediate class, every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30am! Ghosh Yoga is the deeply rooted lineage where Bikram Yoga began so many years ago!
The first Ghosh class will kick-off on Thursday March 17th, 2016 at 6:30am.This is a big step for BYP, so if you asked for it, please show your support and show up! This class is on temporary status until YOU show us you want it to stay!
In other news:
We will be closed easter Sunday, March 27th 2016!
March 12th is the 39th annual McGuires run! Root for team "Kilt it at Bikram"as they pass the finish line! Check event details (click here) to be sure it will not interfere with your commute to the studio that morning.
Saturday, March 19th, we will be having our monthly silent music class led by Nicole & Teddy at 9am! We will feature the MIND BLOWING Pink Floyd, "The Wall" album
Last but not least, Save the date! Saturday, April 2nd at 11:30am, we will have a pot luck party for our 30 & 40 day challengers! All are welcome! Sign up at the front desk along with the dish you would like to bring! Show your support and get to know your Bikram Yoga community. 
"Those who think they have no time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness."
- Edward Stanley 14th Earl of Derby (1799-1869)
Bikram Yoga Pensacola is an independently owned and operated yoga studio dedicated to bringing you the highest quality Bikram Yoga experience. We are thankful for each and every one of you for your business and dedication!
~Nicole, Teddy, Becky & Rob
Bishnu Ghosh Intermediate Class!
The Ghosh Intermediate class is built upon the master core system (developed by Tony Sanchez, a long time Ghosh/Bikram lineage teacher,) as an intermediate hatha yoga system of 52 postures, including exercises and positions that help you build up to more advanced practices. As we progress in the Bikram's Beginner Yoga class, we become familiar with our body and mind.
The intermediate class will demand a certain level of knowledge of our primary Bikram's Beginners class. As stated earlier, the class will consist of 52 asanas, 26 of which are the SAME postures you learn to master in Bikram Beginner Yoga. The class will be practiced in a moderately heated room (95 degrees.) This series will be a medium pace, building heat from the inside out, bones to the skin to fire up your day! 
"Who is Bishnu Ghosh?" Biography Located at the tail end of this edition.
Am I ready to practice the Ghosh Intermediate class?
YES! However, we do suggest that you have a solid understanding of the beginners class. That being said, WE REQUIRE AN ABSOLUTE MINIMUM of 10 BEGINNERS CLASSES under your belt. Contact Nicole at for questions or if you are unsure if you are ready to move on to the intermediate class. 
Nicole will be along side you, leading each Ghosh Intermediate class. She will give you specific instruction and demonstration on how to transition into the intermediate student. 
What do I need or need to know for the Intermediate Class?
1. Dress the same as you would for your beginners class. You will sweat.
2. Bring Your mat, Yoga towel and a medium length towel for asana assistance. We will provide a medium towel for you at an additional rental cost. 
3. Set up near each other in a checker board pattern. Nicole will be front and center, fill in around her mat from front to back. You want to see her clearly.
4. You will receive personal instruction from Nicole. Respect your body. As with any new practice, take it easy and be mindful. Practice with an open mind and an open heart. Take breaks as needed.
5. Studio will open at 6:15am and close at 8am.
6. Class will start at 6:30am on the dotBe on your mat at 6:25am. NO LATE ENTRIES or LEAVING EARLY.
7. This class is on temporary status. If you don't use it, you will lose it. The Time is now Yogi's and Yogini's!
8. This class is designed as an addition to your regular practice. We suggest this class from 1 to 2 times a week. Not so fast Yogi's, this class should NOT replace your primary Bikram Beginners Yoga Class. You will see an overall improvement with this addition, but the beginners class is the most effective class we offer and it will continue to give you the most for the rest of your life.   
WATCH THIS Interview with the one, the only EMMY CLEAVES ON BIKRAM YOGA!
This months silent class will feature Pink Floyd's The Wall album! 
Saturday March 19th, we will host our monthly silent music class at 9am to the MIND BLOWING Pink Floyd,  "The Wall" album! 
What to Expect:
A challenge, a new level of awareness, and music therapy!
Side Effects: An overall feeling of badassary.
New Students please arrive 15 minutes early.
Who is Bishnu Ghosh?
(photo of a young Bikram Choudhry with his Guru Bishnu Ghosh)
Byamacharya Bishnu Charan Ghosh, born in India on June 24, 1903, was the youngest of eight children (four girls and four boys). He and his siblings were raised by their father after their mother passed away when Bishnu Ghosh was just 10 months old.
Sources describe Bishnu Ghosh as a rather "frail" child. His health, however, is reported to have improved when, at age 14, he became one of the first students to attend the Ranchi School for Boys, which was founded by his famous brother, Paramahansa Yoganandya.
Yogananda writes about Bishnu Ghosh's enrollment in his school in Autobiography of a Yogi:
"At Ranchi I organised an educational program for both grammar and high school grades. It included agricultural, industrial, commercial and academic subjects. The students were also taught yoga concentration and meditation, and a unique system of physical development, 'Yogoda,' whose principles I had discovered in 1916. Realising that man's body is like an electric battery, I reasoned that it could be recharged with energy through the direct agency of the human will. As no action, slight or large, is possible without willing, man can avail himself of his prime mover, will, to renew his bodily tissues without burdensome apparatus or mechanical exercises. I therefore taught the Ranchi students my simple "Yogoda" techniques by which the life force, centred in man's medulla oblongata, can be consciously and instantly recharged from the unlimited supply of cosmic energy. The boys responded wonderfully to this training, developing extraordinary ability to shift the life energy from one part of the body to another part, and to sit in perfect poise in difficult body postures. They performed feats of strength and endurance which many powerful adults could not equal. My youngest brother, Bishnu Charan Ghosh, joined the Ranchi school; he later became a leading physical culturist in Bengal."
After graduating from Ranchi, Bishnu Ghosh trained under Calcutta University's director of physical education, R. N. Guha Thakurta. The results were incredible: Bishnu Ghosh added at least 32 pounds of weight to his 68-pound frame and nine inches to his chest in just three months. Developing his body physically was important; now, he could better put the yogic principle of muscle control, learned at his brother's school, into practice.
Bishnu Ghosh believed that, by combining weightlifting/bodybuilding with Hatha Yoga, one could greatly improve the health and wellness of body and mind. This put him at the forefront of India's "physical culture" movement - a term applied to new health and strength-training (i.e., exercise) regimes that originated in the 19th century. He demonstrated the effectiveness of his theory by performing incredible feats of strength: running a car across his chest, allowing a man to jump onto his abdomen from 12 feet above and twisting an iron bar into a coil.
While attending law school, Bishnu Ghosh teamed up with his college friend, Sen Gupta, to write a book called Muscle Control and Barbell Exercise, which includes various techniques for muscle development. Eventually, Bishnu Ghosh opened his own Ghosh College of Yoga and Physical Culture in Calcutta, where he taught his unique program, founded on the 84 Hatha Yoga postures codified by his brother, to thousands of practitioners.
Among several star pupils at the Ghosh College: Buddha Bose, who helped demonstrate the effectiveness of his teacher's techniques by performing the yoga asanas (postures) during Bishnu Ghosh's lectures in India, Japan and the U.S. Buddha Bose went on to found the Yoga Cure Institute and author a book about yoga entitled Key to the Kingdom of Health.
Bikram Choudhury is another famous student of Bishnu Ghosh. Bikram entered the Ghosh College when he was five, practising yoga for four to six hours daily. At 17, Bikram crushed his knee during a weightlifting accident and was told by doctors that he'd never walk again. But Bikram had himself carried back to Bishnu Ghosh's school, where his guru healed the injury in just six months through yoga. Bikram was asked by Bishnu Ghosh to start several yoga schools in India; these were so successful that, at Bishnu Ghosh's request, Bikram travelled to Japan and opened two more. Eventually, he founded his own Bikram Yoga College of India.
Bishnu Ghosh's son, Biswanath Ghosh, was also an exceptional student at the Ghosh College. Biswanath Ghosh organized demonstrations in Japan and the U.S., where he performed such stunts as breaking iron chains and even supporting an elephant on top of chest. After Bishnu Ghosh passed away on July 9, 1970, Biswanath Ghosh took over his father's school. Today, Biswanath Ghosh's daughter, Muktamala, carries on the legacy of her father and grandfather, spreading the benefits of Hatha Yoga worldwide. Learn more about Vishnu Ghosh College of India at
Did You Know.......
At a minimum of 2 Bikram Yoga Classes a week, you get 3 hours of cardio, strength training, stress relief and meditation! Bikram Yoga is not just your average workout, it is a lifestyle. Change Your Mind, Change Your Life!
All of your instructors at Bikram Yoga Pensacola are here to offer personal guidance during your yoga practice and how to implement Bikram Yoga into your lifestyle. To have a personal consult with Nicole on how to set and reach your goals call 1-850-912-8668 OR email her at
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