Why the Heat?

Why the Heat?

Bikram Yoga changes the construction of the body from the inside out, from bones to skin and from fingertips to toes.

In order to efficiently change your body, you have to heat it up to soften it, because a warm body is a flexible body. Then you can reshape the body any way you want by working through the most superficial muscles to get to the deepest muscles, tendons and ligaments in the body. 

Hatha Yoga flushes away the waste products, the toxins of all the glands and organs of your body. It provides a natural irrigation of the body through the circulatory system, with the help of the respiratory system. It brings nourishments to every cell of your body so that each one can perform its function and keep your body healthy. Bikram Yoga also employs a specific heat (105 degrees and 40% humidity) to further the cleansing process: When you sweat, impurities are flushed out of the body through the skin.

Practicing Bikram Yoga not only increases our supplies of oxygen, but it also teaches us how to use that oxygen properly – we learn to control the breath through pranayama.

Are you Ready?

The answer is YES! If you feel nervous, scared or a little intimidated no problem!

Many people feel that way initially. Just don’t let it stop you from coming to class. This method is designed for beginners, so know that with a little practice and experience, you’ll quickly feel right at home.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day so you’re well hydrated before coming to class. Good hydration supports the healthy function of all of your body’s systems and it makes the heat feel comfortable rather than overwhelming. Don’t eat heavily within 2 hours of the start of class. Allow yourself ample time to digest your food for energy during class as a full belly can make you feel tired. 

Bikram Yoga is for everyone. To quote Bikram’s teacher, Bishnu Ghosh, “it’s never too late, you’re never too old, you’re never too sick, to start again from scratch.” Come to class, with the guidance of your teacher, simply approach every posture to the best of your ability and you will receive 100% benefit.

A common thought is that you have to get in shape before coming to class. This is not the case. Just show up, take your first class and then take class as often as you possibly can. With a consistent practice you will quickly lose weight, get in shape and feel absolutely wonderful.

Dress in cool, comfortable clothes, like you’re going to the beach. No long sleeves or pants please.